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Excel XL-Series® Cone Crusher


7 series exploded Excel XL Series® Cone Crusher

For decades, our customers have become increasingly accustomed to the premium quality and support that
Excel provides.

Now, the market has once again offered a challenge: the need for a fully-supported cone crusher system based on an established, industry-accepted design.

The Excel XL-Series® Cone Crusher answers this challenge by making some key design innovations and improvements while retaining the interchangeability established by the popular Symons® cone crusher line. The XL-Series also incorporates innovations such as the Sentinel Advanced Hydraulic System. This specially-engineered hydraulic tramp release system vastly decreases downtime and increases safety for operators.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration into custom, finely-tuned crushing applications is a priority when it comes to maximizing value. Therefore, each and every component in an XL-Series Cone Crusher is 100% compatible with adjacent OEM components within an assembly. This ensures that maintenance options remain open, confidence in replacement stock is retained, and downtime is minimized.

Fundamentals in crusher installation, replacement, and maintenance are also important to keep in mind. Many of today’s cone crusher models require thousands of dollars for tools and equipment to simply achieve a productive state. This is not the case with an XL-Series Cone Crusher, as our design retains the straightforward, less-complicated aspects that set it apart from other complex, high-speed designs in the market today.


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Aftermarket Support

7 series field support 2 Excel XL Series® Cone CrusherExcel has already set a new standard in aftermarket service and customer support. The XL-Series Cone Crusher is bolstered by a rock-solid, global network of distributors, logistics, and technical expertise. Our support team is available 24/7 through our emergency after-hours hotline.

Excel’s XL-Series Cone Crushers are advanced systems designed to immediately add value to your application while minimizing the cost and downtime associated with regular maintenance. These crushers are backed by replacement component support and technical expertise from our in-house engineers and crusher specialists.


7 series sentinel logo1 Excel XL Series® Cone Crusher

SENTINEL™ Advanced Hydraulic System7 series sentinel full1 Excel XL Series® Cone Crusher

  • Simplifies crusher cavity clearing with the turn of a switch and push of a button
  • Drastically reduces costly downtime with virtually instantaneous cavity clearing
  • Constant clamping force reduces “ring-bounce” and cuts down on related maintenance repair costs
  • Maximize tonnage – adjust the crusher to smaller setting without risk of stalling

Manual cavity clearing can take up to 5 hours and is very dangerous…
Automated cavity clearing is absolutely safe and has you back in operation in less than 15 minutes!

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

The Sentinel Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is PLC-controlled and offers constant monitoring of hydraulic pressures, temperatures, and oil filter conditions. The push-button control panel’s functions can be integrated into a higher-level PLC or DCS control system, as can the PLC monitoring functions. High-visibility lights indicate faults that are monitored by the PLC.

Optional Components for XL-Series Cone Crushers

Ring Bounce Detection System

  • Four, uniaxial accelerometers mount to the adjustment ring
  • Accelerometers provide analog input to the PLC (programmable logic controller) to measure ring movement

Optional Systems for XL-Series Cone Crushers

Talk to Excel about package lube systems and air coolers for the XL-Series Cone Crusher.

Crusher Assembly & Installation

  • Excel engineers on-hand to lend expertise
  • Supervision through crusher commissioning is automatically offered to the customer

Customer and Technical Support

  • Excel Customer Support available 24/7
  • All Excel components are fully interchangeable with OEM components
  • Global network of distributors for fast and precise replacement component deliveries