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XL50 Wear Plates

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Excel’s XL50 Wear Plate is general-purpose wear steel available in a variety of hardness ranges. By adjusting the alloying elements to modify an existing AISI grade of steel, and by improved melting, pouring, rolling, quench and tempering procedures, we can provide steel with high tensile strength and fatigue resistance. Field-testing has shown this steel exhibits high toughness, even at maximum hardness levels. Since this steel can be provided in a variety of hardness ranges by using different tempering temperatures, it can be designed to meet your specific application.

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Typical Applications:

  • Chute Liners
  • Hopper Liners
  • Vibrating Pan Liners
  • Shaker Deck Liners
  • Muller Bottom Liners
  • Sluiceways
  • Bucket Lips
  • Cyclones
  • Dust Collectors
  • Truck Body Liners
  • Fan Housing Liners
  • Fan Blade Liners
  • Dippers
  • Buckets
  • Live Bottom Systems
  • Auger Flighting
  • Classifier Blades
  • Chip Drag Conveyors
  • Harpoon Conveyors
  • Guide Bars
  • Chain Returns
  • Transfer Bars
  • Pusher Dogs
  • Conveyor Wear Bars
  • Hold Down Bars
  • Caster Tracks
  • Back up Bars
  • Rider Plates
  • Flights
  • Grizzly Bars
  • Scrapers


XL50 is a heat treated, quench and tempered to spec, modified 8630 steel. XL50 is the most versatile of our wear resistant steels. It is available in a wide range of sizes and levels of hardness. Special alloying elements have been added that result in a steel with high tensile strength and fatigue resistance, while maintaining good toughness qualities. XL50 is the maintenance man’s choice for durability and workability.

Abrasion/impact Resistance

Engineers depend on XL50 for its versatility in combating abrasion and withstanding high levels of impact. XL50 is an excellent choice for sliding abrasion service where impact force is negligible. This steel develops an extremely hard surface, yet maintains a tough and ductile core. That makes XL50 the right choice for extreme high impact environments where gouging or cutting causes erosion of the wear surface.

Chemical Composition

XL50 is a heat treated, quench and tempered to spec, modified 8630 steel. Excel Foundry offers its chemical analysis for comparison to our competitors. Certified “Test Reports” are on file for your inspection.

Hardness Ranges

  • 280-320 Bhn.
  • 375-425 Bhn.
  • 480-525 Bhn.

Alloy Affects

Manganese is normally present in all steels in quantities of ½% to 2% – specialty steels are made in the 11-14% manganese range. Manganese enhances a steel’s response to thermal treatment and acts as a deoxidizer.

  • Copper: increases a metal’s resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
  • Nickel: improves Charpy Values, does not form carbides, increases hardenability, and minimizes distortion during quench.
  • Chromium: primary function is to intensify a steel’s hardenability, promote carburization and elevate corrosion resistance. The carbides provide a metal with exceptional wear-resistance.
  • Molybdenum: provides for better hardenability properties, improves tensile and creep strength, plus reduces a steel’s susceptibility to temper brittleness.
  • Boron: increases hardenability, improves machinability and formability.
  • Silicon: tends to complement manganese to produce high strength. Improves Oxidation resistance.
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