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Manganese Steel Bushings

Excel Bushings… Experience the Difference!

Excel Innovation – Keeping Up With Mining Demands

The size and scope of mining equipment has continued to increase over time. For years, the forged Hadfield (11-14%) austenitic manganese steel bushings were the industry standard. In many of today’s applications, these bushings are no longer suitable for the heavy demands. Excel applied 70 years of metallurgical experience along with our knowledge of dipper & bucket applications and developed the best manganese steel bushings in the world.

Excel’s Centrifugal Process – Makes the Difference

By tightly controlling melting and pouring temperature, centrifugal force and the cooling
process, Excel manufactures a bushing that is unmatched in metal grain structure
and integrity. This technique yields far tighter grain boundaries and limits undesirable
pearlite. Plus, it produces a density and Brinell hardness that no other manufacturing
process can match.
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The Right Bushing for Your Application

XL/C – Centrifugally Cast Manganese Steel

Our centrifugally cast manganese steel bushings have a much tighter grain structure and work harden faster than our conventional forged product.

XL/XT – Extreme Manganese Steel

This alloy is specially formulated in our foundry and is another Excel innovation. It uses a higher manganese and carbon content and work hardens extremely fast.

EH – Explosion Hardened

For really tough applications, our XL/C or XL/XT bushing can be explosion hardened. Excel’s explosion hardening process increases Brinell hardness an additional 75 BHN points!

Proof In The Field!

Bail Application – 5 Times Normal Wear Life

In a bail application mining tar sand in northern Alberta, our customer switched from forged bushings to our XL/C and had them explosion hardened. They were getting 800 hours in a cycle, but after making the change, they got over 5,000 hours before needing a bushing change!

Coal Mine Experiences – 30% Longer Cycle

A customer put our XL/C bushing up against a competitor’s forged bushing in a Texas coal mine on a drag hitch application. In a controlled, side-by-side test, our bushing lasted 30% longer!

Try Excel Manganese Steel Bushings and Experience the Difference Yourself!

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