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header int innovation symons Feed Distributor and Mainshaft Extension Options for Symons® Cone Crushers

Feed Distributor and Mainshaft Extension Options for Symons® Cone Crushers

innovations symons coll feed distr Feed Distributor and Mainshaft Extension Options for Symons® Cone Crushers

Feed Distributor Options for Symons® Cone Crushers

Standard and Short Head models

Feeding a crusher with the best possible distribution is the first step in maximum crusher production. Incorrect feed arrangements cause higher power consumption (higher bearing loads), lower throughput, higher manganese wear, lower reduction, poorer product shape and higher costs. Every application has its own unique requirements and Excel has developed Feed Distributor Options and Main Shaft Extension Kits in order to improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

Although larger feed plates typically do a better job of evenly distributing the feed with minimum segregation, smaller feed plates and spherical nuts allow a more open view of the feed zone, which better facilitates monitoring via camera, laser, etc. Smaller feed plates and spherical nuts also reduce the damaging effects of feed that falls long distances (five feet or more) crashing onto the outer edge of the feed plate. Plus, these smaller components can make clearing out a jammed crusher much easier and safer.*
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More Than a Low Cost Alternative

While slightly lower in cost than the conventional assembly design, Excel has developed these feed distributor options for other important reasons:

  • Opens up the feed hopper and feed cone area in order to create a clear view for a camera or other modern sensor system used to monitor the feed rate.
  • Facilitates easier and safer clearing of a jammed crusher.

In most cases the feed plate used is an existing dead-bed design common to standard crushers. These dead-bed designs usually last longer than the conventional flat design for Short Head crushers.
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Mainshaft Extension Conversion Component

for Symons® Short Head Cone Crushers

Excel has developed a Main Shaft Extension Conversion Component available for both Symons® 4, 4¼’ and 5½’ Short Head crushers. The advantage of the main shaft extension combined with a main shaft nut arrangement facilitates a faster, easier and safer removal of old liners. This safe and convenient benefit is made possible by the addition of a torch ring.

innovations symons mainshaft ext Feed Distributor and Mainshaft Extension Options for Symons® Cone Crushers

Many operators spend a great deal of time welding a lug onto the old locking nut, only to pound on it for hours to remove it! Occasionally the mantle is even “rolled over” making it nearly impossible to remove the locking nut without torch cutting or carbon arcing. Some operators do not even attempt to remove a locking nut without torching it in order to relieve the pressure. Torching in this area exposes personnel in the vicinity to the dangerous fumes of burning manganese, epoxy crusher backing material and zinc. Excel’s torch ring is made of low carbon steel and has a small diameter. In our design, the torch ring is located well above the backing cavity and manganese mantle. While burning the torch ring is not completely risk free, this torch ring can be cut quicker and safer than most conventional methods.

For special applications, a spherical main shaft nut can be utilized on Short Head crushers with this arrangement.

Please note that converting to the main shaft extension arrangement requires the crusher countershaft to be run in a counterclockwise rotation, which is opposite of how most locking collar/locking nut arrangements are run. For crushers with integral oil pumps, this requires the inlet and outlet on the pump to be reversed. For crushers with independent oil pumps, no changes other than reversing the crusher rotation are required.

Has your crusher become a bottleneck?

innovations symons sentinel machine sm Feed Distributor and Mainshaft Extension Options for Symons® Cone Crushers
Excel’s Sentinel Hydraulic Crusher Clearing and Tramp Release System makes clearing a jammed crusher safer and easier. Add flexibility, improved safety and increased throughput (with minimal downtime) by adding an Excel innovation – the Sentinel Hydraulic Crusher Clearing and Tramp Release System to your Symons® cone crusher.

Innovative Solutions for your Symons® Crusher

Did you know that Excel Foundry & Machine offers many innovative products and solutions specially designed for your Symons® crusher? Click here for more info.

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