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header int screens Metso Nordberg ML80™ LM916 / 911™  Screen Exciters

Metso-Nordberg ML80™ LM916 / 911™ Screen Exciters

screens ml lm Metso Nordberg ML80™ LM916 / 911™  Screen Exciters

Excel ML80 Exciters for:

  • Banana MF Screen
  • Horizontal LH Screen
  • Horizontal LH Dewatering Screen
  • LH.G Feeders and Grizzly’s
    • LH Vibrating Feeder
    • LH Pan Feeder
    • LH Grizzly Scalper

Excel LM916/LM911 Exciters for:

  • Older Nordberg Screens using LM (Linear Motion) Exciters

As a natural extension of Excel’s product offering of premium replacement components to the mining and aggregate industries, we offer replacement exciters for a variety of Metso® and Nordberg® screen units. Excel has replacement units and parts for the newer style ML80™ exciter and the older style LM916/911™ exciters commonly used on Metso and Nordberg screens, vibrating feeders, and grizzly scalpers/feeders.
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Product Improvements

engineered innovation 360 Metso Nordberg ML80™ LM916 / 911™  Screen Exciters

  • Addition of a recirculating oil reservoir – helps avoid premature bearing failure by improving lubrication to the up slope, splash-lubricated set of bearings
  • Improved oil level inspection porting – eliminates false level readings that can occur on conventional exciters
  • V-Ring labyrinth seals – keep off abrasive dust particles out of the gearbox housing. The lube oil stays cleaner as it protects the seals and spacers from wear.
  • Simplified seal sleeve – less complex than traditional Metso/Nordberg units
  • Excel replacement components are interchangeable with OEM product – can be used to complete a rebuild of a Metso/Nordberg exciter unit, and allow conversion to the Excel design

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screens ml lm oil improvement 1024 Metso Nordberg ML80™ LM916 / 911™  Screen Exciters

Recirculating Oil Reservoir

The conventional design of inclined exciters regularly leads to premature bearing failure of the upper set of bearings (above the static oil level) due to oil starvation. Excel replacement screen exciters feature a specially-designed reservoir that captures the oil from the rotating gears. This oil is then directed to the upper bearings. The improved design significantly reduces the chance of bearing failure as an adequate oil level is maintained in the exciter housing.

screens ml lm v ring seal Metso Nordberg ML80™ LM916 / 911™  Screen ExcitersV-Ring Labyrinth Seal

A new V-Ring labyrinth seal helps prevent contaminants from contacting the oil seal and penetrating the bearings. The design keeps contaminated grease from being forced through the oil seal and into the bearing when the labyrinth seals are re-greased.

Additional Improvements

  • The top cover plate on the Excel design is made from heavier, thicker steel. This, along with larger fasteners, makes the cover plate a structural member that enhances the rigidity of the gearbox housing.
  • Excel screen exciter housings are bead blasted to ensure the removal of foundry residue and go through a double cleaning process. Finally, they are sealed with epoxy paint. This ensures that no casting sand particles, grinding media particles or metal cutting chips are left in the oil reservoir area. This contamination can lead to premature failure of the gears and bearings on OEM exciters.
  • Improved polymer and polymer-infused gaskets improve leak resistance, preventing oil loss and the ingress of water or contaminates.
  • Exacting tolerance standards ensure a proper fit between mating components for long operation life and ease of maintenance.
  • Superior enamel finish features excellent adhesion, long-lasting corrosion protection, ease of cleaning and a high-quality appearance.
  • Excel only uses bearings from top-tier industrial machinery bearing manufacturers
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