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Komatsu® Overpitch Drive Sprocket

Compensates for Typical Elongation

Excel offers this alternative to the conventional assembly offered by the OEM. Our Overpitch Drive Sprocket addresses the misalignment between the track shoe drive lugs and the drive sprocket. Misalignments cause unnecessary drive sprocket wear, shortening component life and causing excess downtime.

Allows Additional 50% of Usable Track Shoe Lifespan

The Excel Overpitch Sprocket installs as a direct replacement for the conventional drive sprocket. A properly timed replacement extends the life of the track shoes and reduces additional damage on replacement sprockets. Operations get more uptime and extended life from their track shoes. The resulting performance simulates “like-new” pitch conditions.

komatsu overpitch correct 320 Komatsu® Overpitch Drive Sprocket

Drive Sprocket | Correct Engagement

komatsu overpitch incorrect 320 Komatsu® Overpitch Drive Sprocket

Drive Sprocket | Incorrect Engagement

Pin & Bore Wear Causes Mismatched Engagement

Excel focused on the primary cause of misalignment: excess space between the track shoes. Normal wear and tear reduces the pin size and enlarges the bores. Continual wear of these components increases the overall length of the track. Longer tracks cause drive lugs to be out of pitch with the drive sprocket.

komatsu overpitch elongation 640 Komatsu® Overpitch Drive Sprocket

Correct Fit (Top) | Reduced Pin Size & Enlarged Bore (Bottom)

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