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Undercarriage Options for P&H® & Bucyrus® Electric Rope Shovels

The P&H® 4100™ series and Bucyrus® 495 series shovels are among the largest earth moving machines on the planet. Due to the sheer weight of the machines it is common to see excessive material flow in the roll path of the track pads. Excel Foundry & Machine saw this problem as a challenge to improve on the OEM designs. By increasing the width and radius of the lower rollers, rear idler, and track pad roll paths, Excel was able to increase the mating surface area by 20%. More surface area means less pressure on the roll path and a decrease in material flow.
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Excel’s Proprietary Wide Path™ Undercarriage System

Key Advantages

Excel is pleased to offer this innovative design that is proving to bring enhanced life-cycles. The Excel Wide Path offers significantly lower overall costs than the conventional design offered by the OEM and other after-market competitors.

  • Eliminates Toenailing
  • Improves Component Performance
  • Minimizes Maintenance
  • Increases Reliability
  • Reduces Operating Costs


Eliminates Toenailing

toenailing interference Undercarriage Options for P&H® & Bucyrus® Electric Rope Shovels

The Excel design eliminates the expensive, damaging, and dangerous condition known as toenailing. The conventional design does not allow for the natural material flow in the roll path that is a result of the tremendous weight of the entire machine bearing down on this surface.

  • Prevents crushing of the track pad due to material loss
  • Prevents dangerous “fly metal” created by toenail interference

As the toenailing becomes excessive, these edges start to interfere where the track pads articulate around the idler and drive tumbler. This conflict can cause “fly metal” when the toenails break off violently. The additional forces also create torque on the pins, and cause pin eye elongation.


Increased Roll Path & Surface Area

widepath roll path comparison Undercarriage Options for P&H® & Bucyrus® Electric Rope Shovels

The Excel Wide Path is designed to be wider than the conventional system, which increases surface area in the roll path. The Wide Path components do not require modifications to the existing side frames.

A larger roll path area yields an overall reduction in the direct stress on the track pads. This reduction of stress translates to significantly longer wear life.

  • Improves overall weight distribution onto track pads
  • Produces less stress on the track pads
  • Reduces wear on track pads, lower rollers, rear idler, drive tumbler, and side frame guide rails


Improved Component Performance

backbending track pad Undercarriage Options for P&H® & Bucyrus® Electric Rope Shovels

Minimizes Track Pad Bending

Backbending is the literal bending of the track pad upward off the ground across the width of the pad. Excelís stronger track pad design avoids this issue that causes additional pin stress and track pad interference with the car body.

Metallurgical Superiority

Excel has applied its deep metallurgical expertise to the new design of the Wide Path components. The conventional design stretches the mechanical properties of the track pads and rollers due to the incredible weight of the entire shovel bearing down on these rolling components. The Wide Path components are proving to last far longer than the current undercarriages on the market.

Thicker Internal Structures

The Wide Path track pad features robust internal support in a critical area of the roll path. This bracing structure avoids crushing of the track pad in the roll path area.

Enhanced Ribs In Roll Path

The Excel Wide Path track pad design uses an improved wear rib design in the roll path. These surfaces allow the manganese steel time to work harden before it can flow off the end of the roll path.


Minimized Maintenance Costs

The superior design of the Wide Path Undercarriage System means our material will not extend so far off the roll path to impinge track pad articulation or create propel or safety issues.

Eliminates Toenail Trimming

Toenails are commonly trimmed to allow clearance between the track pads. This removes vital material and further weakens the roll path.

The robust, smart design of the Wide Path Undercarriage System extends component lifespan, requiring replacement far less often than the conventional design. Operators can significantly reduce costs associated with component replacement and lost revenue due to downtime.


Drive Tumbler Options (P&H®)

ph uc options tumblers 710 Undercarriage Options for P&H® & Bucyrus® Electric Rope Shovels
Complete Undercarriage Packages:

  • Conventional ADS System
  • Delta™ Deep-Engaging System
  • Available in All Crawler Shoe Widths (Plain or Cleated) for All Current and “Classic” P&H® Shovel Models
  • Lined-Bored Pin Eyes
  • Induction Hardened Link Pins
  • Excel Wide Path™ System

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