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Privacy Policy


General statement

Excel Foundry & Machine and its entities are committed to protecting your privacy and will process your personal data in accordance with relevant data protection legislation using secure data processing practices.

This Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) applies to all personal data that you provide to us as part of a transaction or a customer contract. We also collect personal data when you use our services, apply for a job with us or visit our website excelfoundry.com (“Website”).

The Policy outlines the following:

  • What information we collect about you and why
  • Whether we share information about you with others
  • How long we keep your personal data
  • What happens when you visit our website
  • Your rights related to personal data processing
  • How we securely store information about you
  • What happens when this Policy is updated
  • How to contact us
  • What legislation we comply with

What information we collect about you and why?
If you are our customer, we collect the following general personal data from you: Full name, address, mobile phone number, email address, registration and account number. We also collect communication preferences, product interests and use of Excel Foundry & Machine products and services.

We use your personal data:

  • to sell products and services to you;
  • to deliver goods and services to you;
  • to provide customer support for sold goods or services;
  • to conduct surveys;
  • to secure and optimize the website experience;
  • to provide marketing communication;
  • to enable us to fulfill our legal and contractual obligations;
  • to tailor our communications and offerings to you; and
  • to generate statistical data on the number of customers, purchases, etc.

We also collect personal data about you when you apply for a job with us and visit our website.

Do we share information about you with others?
We may share your personal data with service providers who help us deliver a product or service to you. This means that our service providers, such as technical support and bankers, may collect, store and process personal data on our behalf. These service providers are only allowed to process your personal data to provide the service we have requested from them. They may not use your personal data for the benefit of their own business.

We may also share your personal data with companies within the Excel Foundry & Machine Group within the boundaries of the law. Click here for a list of our Group Companies.

We may share your personal data with some of our service providers and subsidiaries located outside the EU/EEA. This will be done under strict requirements issued by the European Commission, which is designed to protect your personal data when such exchanges happen.

We are required by law to provide information to public authorities, such as the Danish tax authorities, when it is requested. This may be for auditing purposes and in line with local legislation and regulations.

How long do we keep your personal data?
If you are a customer, we will retain your personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfill our rights and obligations related to the data and also our relationship with you as a customer. Once personal data is no longer required, it is deleted or made anonymous. We are required to keep our accounting records for five years.

What happens when you visit our website?
When you visit our website, excelfoundry.com and other Excel Foundry & Machine related subsites, we collect and use your personal data to help us improve the user experience of our website. We do this by using cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from our server to your browser. It is stored on your device and allows your device to be recognized by our website. We may collect information about, for example, your device, IP address, operating system and browser type. We use cookies to collect statistics to improve the website’s functionality and to get information about visits to the website. This information does not allow identification of information relating to a specific user.

You can change your browser settings to alert you when you receive a cookie or block cookies altogether. Please be aware that this can affect website functionality. Here is our Cookie Policy.

The website may contain links to third party websites. Please note that Excel Foundry & Machine is not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of any such third-party website. Since this Policy only applies to our website, you should read the privacy policies of other websites when you visit them.

What are your rights relating to personal data processing?
It is always up to you whether you want to give personal data to us. We will clearly state when you are required to provide us with personal data. If you refuse, we may not be able to complete our duties in providing you with a product or service.

You can access the personal data we have about you and have the right to request rectification, supplementary processing, deletion or blocking of the personal data we process about you. In certain circumstances, you can restrict the processing of your personal data. Data that you have personally provided to us can be accessible by you in a machine-readable format. These rights may be subject to conditions or restrictions.

You may use the rights described above and/or express any concern you might have about our use of your personal data by contacting us via the contact details provided below in the section titled “How to contact us”. You will be asked to prove your identity when exercising these rights.

We will do our best to resolve any issue you might have related to our processing of your data. However, if you are not satisfied with our answers or actions, you may always turn to the national data protection authority.

How do we securely store information about you?
Our Information Security Policy sets out how we manage and store personal data. We have internal rules and procedures to maintain appropriate security from collection to deletion of personal data. Our employees and third parties are trained in securely managing personal data.

What happens when this Policy is updated?
We may update this Policy at any time without expressly notifying you of such changes. The most recent version of the Policy can always be found at excelfoundry.com.

How to contact us?
If you have any questions about this Policy, the processing of your data, or any suspected non-compliance, please contact:

Michael Heine
Director of Marketing, Excel Foundry & Machine

To opt out of receiving promotional and marketing communications, please write to marketing@excelfoundry.com

To make a complaint to the national data protection authority about our processing of your personal data, submit it to:

Danish Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5th Floor
1300 Copenhagen K

What legislation we comply with
The principles in this Policy and our internal policies and processes align with the following:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Danish Marketing Practices Act (Markedsføringsloven)
  • Danish Data Protection Act (Databeskyttelsesloven) – only in Denmark
  • Danish Bookkeeping Act (Bogføringsloven)

Cookies policy

Date: 24 May 2018

This Cookie Policy is a part of our Privacy Policy. For more information about us, and how we protect your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

When you visit our website, excelfoundry.com and other Excel Foundry & Machine related subsites, we collect and use your personal data to help us improve the user experience of our website. We do this by using cookies.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that stores Internet settings. Almost every website uses cookie technology. The cookie is downloaded by your Internet browser the first time you visit a website. The next time you visit this website from the same device, the cookie and the information in it are either sent back to the originating website (first-party cookies) or to another website to which it belongs (third-party cookies). By that, the website can detect that it has already been opened using this browser, and in some cases, it will then vary the content it shows.

Some cookies are extremely useful because they can improve your user experience when you return to a website you have already visited. This assumes that you are using the same device and the same browser as before; if so, cookies will remember your preferences, will know how you use the website, and will adapt the content you are shown so that it is more relevant to your personal interests and needs.

Your cookie settings on this website

Cookies on this website that do not require approval

Cookies that are essential, also known as ‘strictly necessary’ cookies, enable features without which you would not be able to use the website as intended. These cookies are used exclusively by this website and are therefore known as first-party cookies. They are only saved on your computer while you are actually browsing the website. An example of why strictly necessary cookies are used is to ensure that what you see on screen corresponds to the data volume which your current Internet connection can handle. Another example of what these cookies do is facilitate a switch from http to https when you change pages, so that the security of data transmitted is maintained. Furthermore, a cookie of this kind is used to store your decision about the use of cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of strictly necessary cookies.

First-party cookies on this website that require consent
Cookies which, in strictly legal terms, are not absolutely essential in order to use this website, do nevertheless fulfill important functions. Without these cookies, features that enable our website to be used easily, such as pre-completed forms, will no longer be available. Settings you make, such as language choices, will no longer be saved, so you will be asked about them every time you change pages. As well as that, we will no longer have a way of presenting offers to you that are tailored to you personally.

The use on this website of third-party cookies that require consent
This website has integrated content belonging to third parties on this website. These third-party providers can place cookies while you visit the website, and in doing so can obtain information about the fact that you have visited the website. Please visit the websites belonging to those third-party providers if you need more information about how they use cookies. If you have decided not to provide your consent to the use of cookies that require it, or if you have revoked that consent, then you will only be provided with website features whose use does not require such cookies. Areas of the website that can potentially incorporate content from third parties, and which therefore place third-party cookies, will not be available to you if that is the case. If you do not want to accept cookies at all, then you can also configure that in your browser.

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