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Training Opportunities at Excel

CNC Machinist Training

Trainees accepted into our CNC Machinist Training Program will spend a couple of weeks in our Quality Department to learn how to properly measure parts, read engineering prints, learn how to complete documentation for our stringent ISO 9001 quality assurance program, among many other quality-related procedures. The trainee will receive OSHA-required safety training prior to getting hands-on experience on one of our manual lathes. Following three to four weeks of manual lathe training, the trainee will move to a CNC machine where instruction will be given on basic tooling used, proper speed and feed control and other concepts of turning metal parts. The trainee then spends one-on-one time with another CNC machinist for on-the-job training. During this phase the trainee learns how to read, edit and write programs for our CNC machines, how to navigate the control panel and gains a thorough understanding of each button on the machine’s console.

Foundry Technician Training

After foundry technicians receive initial OSHA training, they then receive team training in the foundry including learning how to move sand, castings, flasks, or other foundry materials; how to assemble flasks; how to mix sand; shovel sand into flasks; compact sand in flasks; spray coatings on the surface of sand molds and dry the surface with a torch; how to fit together, clamp, and unclamp core and drag on the production line; how to weigh out specified amounts of materials for furnace charge; how to load the charge into the melting furnace; how to skim slag from the surface of the molten metal; how to carry ladles of molten metal on the crane and pour the metal into molds; how to install and remove steel jackets and bands used to hold the molds together during casting; how to break the sand molds from the finished castings; how to clean castings and patterns; how to break up used sand molds and shovel it into the container for removal; how to break up slag and shovel it into the container for removal; and how to chip out the worn ladle linings and reline the ladles.

Extended Training Opportunities

Training is essential and as one of our key initiatives, we proudly provide many training opportunities for our employees. Each new employee receives initial OSHA training and then individualized training either one-on-one or by a team of department members focusing on their specific position within the department. Some employees also rotate through other departments for an overview of activities and to get an idea of how their job functions fit into the big picture. Cross-training is encouraged and offers opportunities for advancement and growth.

We provide annual CPR and First Aid Training for employees interested in first time certification and recertification. We have annual OSHA training updates and MSHA training when required to ensure that our employees receive up-to-date information on safety. We encourage employees to seek training/certification which is available through external certification organizations. We develop and implement new training programs to fulfill the training needs of our employees on an on going basis.

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