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Foundry Capabilities

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Excel Foundry & Machine’s foundry capabilities are highly refined and have established Excel as one of the most sophisticated foundries in the United States. We regularly manufacture metal components in Bronze Alloys, Manganese Steel and Iron. Every component is expertly cast utilizing our proprietary technologies then machined to exact final customer tolerances and certified to specification by our Quality Assurance Department.

Our process applies extremely high centrifugal forces (“G” forces) to the molten metal throughout the critical solidification and thermal contraction phases. An extremely high force of gravity is applied to the metal producing a centrifugal separation of any impurities, driving them to the bore for easy removal during machining.

Directional solidification and high “G” force mold filling are primary to the process that guarantees the highest quality metal components. Our low cost mold materials and focus on efficiency offer a cost-effective solution to your metal component purchasing requirements.

Did you know?

Excel has a complete metallurgical lab in-house, complete certified Non-destructive Test (NDT) services available, plus heat treatment and near-net shaping.
Excel has developed proprietary alloys like XL30 – Manganese Bronze and our Austenitic Manganese Steel Alloys MS/1, MS/2, MS/3 & MS/4.

We work with finished products as small as 3 inch through 130 inch (27mm to 3300mm) diameter and cast formed weights up to 25,000 pounds (11300 kg).

Working with One Source, Saves Time and Money – Normal lead times range from 1 to 6 weeks for fully-machined components.

Metals & Alloys Regularly Poured by EFM

Excel Foundry regularly produces castings from the list below. Our dynamic mix of customer service, engineering know-how and super-fast turnaround time will help you win new business!

Copper-Based Cast Alloys
Many Custom Nickel and Copper-Nickel Alloys
Iron Alloys
Manganese Steel Alloys

One Source – Added Value

Excel optimizes our metallurgical technology with custom chemistry, versatile casting and complete machining capabilities. Added value and turnkey foundry products have been the driving force at Excel Foundry & Machine, as we have always been a value-added foundry with our ability to machine every casting we produce.
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