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An Excellent Choice.

Excel Foundry & Machine is a great choice for sourcing the production of metal components such as bushings, pins, shafts, gears, sleeves, washers, plates and bearings. We are committed to American manufacturing and offer a recognizably higher level of friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Our unique mix of production expertise and our location in the heartland positions us to be a great supplier when our particular capabilities are needed.

No Pattern Costs.

Our specialized casting techniques generally do not require pattern costs. Our extensive array of permanent molds virtually guarantees we have a pattern on the shelf that will meet your need. Excel has been in the business for over 80 years and has built a huge library of castings over this time. This is a great economic benefit to our customers. We cast shapes and sizes that many in our industry would say can’t be done. Moreover, we cast the tough alloys and certify them to their exact chemistry in house. Bronze and manganese steel products are centrifugally produced and machined regularly at Excel.

One Source, Total Control.

When you choose to work with Excel Foundry & Machine, you know that all of the work, from engineering to the foundry to turning and milling to heat-treating and final inspection happens in our facility in Pekin, Illinois. Excel proves time and time again that there is a better way, not only to produce standard products, but to develop and manufacture new components efficiently, professionally and on time. One source stops the finger pointing… working with Excel guarantees you perfection and satisfaction.


As a preferred supplier to several Fortune 500 companies, we have built a reputation of reliability by producing the highest quality precision machined brass, bronze, steel, and iron components. Excel utilizes some of the most advanced machining tools in the world. With 160,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we are able to provide industry leading turn-around time shaving weeks off the production time line.


Excel manufactures to custom design specifications or you can work directly with our design engineering team to help you perfect the proper component for your application. If your need is for one 12-foot diameter bushing or 10,000 three-inch diameter sleeves or whether your specs call for a high lead bronze alloy casting or a manganese steel forging… Excel can deliver!

About Excel Foundry & Machine:

  • Founded in 1929 as a small sand foundry – Over 80 years of satisfied customers!
  • Expertise in centrifugal, permanent mold and sand mold techniques.
  • One of the first non-ferrous foundries in North America to achieve ISO9001.
  • Modern metallurgical laboratory on-site with complete traceability program.
  • Works with the most difficult alloys including brass, bronze, and manganese steel.
  • Recently expanded its facility to 160,000 sq. ft. and is based in Pekin, Illinois
  • Serves a variety of global customers, including many in the aggregate, mining and energy industries.
  • Employs 300 full time employees, including 8 engineers with a total of 97+ years of metallurgical and structural expertise.
  • We’re constantly improving our processes and methods.
  • We’ve invested millions in R&D to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.
  • Our pioneering foundry process is one of the most technologically advanced in the United States.

Our focus goes beyond responding to our customers’ everyday requirements and expectations. Excel is a true partner, supporting your need for improved products at lower costs. Our staff offers intelligent engineering alternatives to streamline your development and manufacturing processes, producing your metal components to the optimum shape and using innovative tooling/mold designs and proprietary forming techniques. Through the latest in machining technology, our 5-axis live tooling Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining centers hold tight dimensional tolerances within ten-thousandths of an inch.

The advantages of partnering with Excel Foundry & Machine:

  • Accountability: We stand behind our work 100% with outstanding customer service and excellent turnaround times.
  • Performance: Excel provides single-source responsibility – no further machining or quality control is required.
  • Expertise: Excel delivers on mission-critical components and difficult projects that require high tolerance levels.
  • We have a large staff of experienced engineers ready to consult with you.

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