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Excel Marketing Helps ‘Feed 5000’ 

Excel’s Marketing Team recently helped rebrand Midwest Food Bank’s Tender Mercies® Program. This program which was launched in 2009 is directly tied to the faith-based organization’s mission – To bridge the gap between prosperity and poverty. For 55 cents, the easy hot meal packet consisting of rice, beans, vegetable protein, chicken seasoning and vitamin mix can feed a family of four by simply boiling 5 cups of water, then simmering it for 20 minutes. According to retired Executive Director and current Board President, Larry Herman, Tender Mercies was struggling; they wanted to develop a campaign to reach non-profit community ministries, such as food pantries, churches or backpack programs. After receiving some advice from a consultant, Larry reached out to Mike Heine for assistance. 

The relationship between Midwest Food Bank and Excel started about four years ago when iDEABOX Marketing Group developed a national promotional video for the organization. Since then, they have become a special non-profit client whom we continue to support through our marketing servicesSince we stopped doing outside work (iDEABOX) two years ago, we still had an open offer to Midwest Food Bank to support their mission to feed people though our marketing services whenever possible. We were challenged by this unique project and so pleased with the final product” says Excel‘s Director of Marketing, Mike Heine. Midwest wanted to develop a tool for Tender Mercies that would communicate how people could ‘Share the Blessings’ of the product through a sample kit that can be shared with any interested partyNow, this Feed 5000 kit will be shared through requests that come in via a targeted marketing campaign and help sell this amazing program around the country and even the world. 

Excel Marketing developed the ‘Feed 5000 Kit’ which includes the meal packet, a brochure explaining Tender Mercies’ mission and a personalized note card from Midwest Food Bank. Also, the actual product package graphics were completely redesigned to make it more attractive – like something which would appeal to consumers on a grocery store shelf. This past month, the Excel Marketing Team took a field trip to the Morton Division where Tender Mercies is packaged and shipped for distribution. Not only were they able to view their finished product first-hand, they even helped fill 80 meal kits to get the feel of how the system works. 

Larry states, “I cannot praise Excel enough for helping us. It is tough for non-profits to do something like this (rebranding) but their team makes it look easy. This little box will fill Midwest Food Bank’s needs now and moving forward. Their service is invaluable…a true blessing.” 

If you would like to learn more about Tender Mercies’ mission and how you can help ‘Share the Blessings’ through your local community outreach program, visit their website. 

Excel Marketing Trip Photos:

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story tender mercieis 640 03 300x169 Excel Marketing Helps Feed 5000 

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