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7 Years ‘No Lost Time’ at Excel 

enews 7yrs nlt logo 520 300x300 7 Years No Lost Time at Excel Considering the type of work many of Excel’s employees perform daily, our world-class safety record is a testament to our culture of safety, and something we take pride in. With only four recordable accidents and zero lost time incidents, Excel continued its safety streak for 2017. This marks the seventh consecutive year that Excel has recorded zero lost time injuries. 

Creating a safe work environment has become a passion throughout Excel, and it most certainly is attributed to strong leadership. Weekly meetings and Safety Talks from Safety Manager (Jim Myers) with team leaders feature specific safety topics and remind us that everyone is responsible for promoting a safe work environment at Excel. Director of Human Resources (Steve Stewart) believes that what separates Excel from other companies, regarding commitment to safety, are our people. “Policies and procedures are important to implement, but they are secondary compared to employee buy-in. Our employees truly care about safety. To me, that is what pushes the needle and separates Excel from other manufacturing companies.”  

In recognition of this remarkable accomplishment all production employees received a special jacketManufacturing Manager (Jim Batterton) states, “These employees deserve recognition for their commitment to working safely. Each year we achieve no lost time, a product is given as a recognition and appreciation of a job well done, but also as a reminder to work safely each and every day.” Jeff Kleiber (Machine Shop Manager) added to this by saying, “There are many opportunities for safety-sensitive work and it is evident that each employee stays alert and aware. The fact that our employees take safety seriously and watch each other’s back is a sign of strong teamwork.” 

Congratulations everyone on another successful, safe year at Excel! 

Jacket Distribution Photos:

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