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Lawrence Wood: Embodying the WOW Culture 

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This weekend I lost a dear friend and colleague. Lawrence Wood, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, passed away on Saturday evening at the age of 64. Many in the Excel family might be unaware of the enormous impact he had on Excel’s growth and success. I want you all to know that this man had as much to do with where we are today as any individual in Excel’s history. 

I remember almost every detail of that fateful day back in 2000. I picked Lawrence up from the Peoria Airport and took him out to Chili’s. It was there, over a burger, that I convinced him to join the Excel team. From that day forward, Excel would never be the same. We spent extensive time together traveling the world, experiencing life, crafting vision, and expanding Excel’s product line. We began building a global supplier base. With his enormous knowledge and experience with cone crushers, Excel began expanding into crusher repair services – which would lead into the development of our own cone crusher product line. 

Lawrence was a man of enormous integrity and he believed in honor and loyalty. He was a humble man who never sought the spotlight, but rather exuded a passion to help others and impart his knowledge to those around him. As some may know, Lawrence was not always the easiest man in the world to deal with. If he felt a customer was not serviced at a high level, or if a situation wasn’t handled with the appropriate excellence and speed, one would hear about it. Yet, his heart was always in the right place. He embodied, as well as anyone, our guiding principle to always strive to WOW our customers. 

It is not an overstatement to say that Lawrence Wood is an industry icon. His expertise on certain aspects of crushing was unmatched anywhere in the world. His impact on the customers he served is immeasurable. I am honored to have known him, and his contribution to Excel will not be forgotten. 

Doug Parsons 


For more information on funeral arrangements and contributions, please contact: 

Fuiten, Rose & Hoyt Mortuary – Forest Grove, Oregon 

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