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Large Mill Bearing Manufactured at Excel

Recently, Excel manufactured a large, ‘unique’ component for a customer – a main bearing for a trunnion supported mill. Normally, Excel would manufacture our bushings to be sold as a whole, circular component. This mill bearing was manufactured as a whole but later cut into a ‘split segment’ which yields three segments out of its original casting – 120 degrees each. A major collaborative effort was taken to successfully cast, machine, dissect, and inspect this component. 

Three induction furnaces (one 10,000 lb. and two 5,000 lb.) were used and four ladles were necessary during the foundry casting process. 15 employees were used to ensure this pour was successful and 3rd Shift overlapped with 1st Shift. In fact, some Foundry ‘veterans’ from other departments were asked to assist, capitalizing on their familiarity with larger pours such as this one. Foundry Manager, Jeff Sapp, stated that this is considered one of the more ‘heavier’ parts Excel has poured over the last quarter; the final casting weight was recorded at 18,780 pounds. OEM Product Manager, Leonard Kasinger, mentioned that “This is one of the largest parts ever poured here at Excel.” 

It took nearly 150 hours to machine this massive insert. After the final machining process was complete, the component weighed 12,840 lbs. Its main body measured 115″ for the outside diameter (OD) and the flanged OD measured 121″. Machine Shop Manager, Jeff Kleiber, explained that the chuck turn operation was almost 6 hours; first operation took 123.6 hours; the second operation took a little over 20 hours before the part was cut into three segments. 

One of the unique features of this part are the pockets (or ‘windows’) grooved into the inner diameter (ID). These are designed to initiate hydraulic lift, which is essential when operating a mill at low speeds. Once oil starts penetrating around these pockets, it spreads over the surrounding surface to complete the lift. To learn more, read here.

This mill bearing insert which Excel manufactured is evidence of our mission to provide world-class customer support. Special projects such as these should continue to advance for Excel, so long as positive growth in the industry continues to resurface.

Production Photos:

story large cam bushing 640px 300x183 Large Mill Bearing Manufactured at Excel cam bushing inspection schmit rodgers 640 2 300x200 Large Mill Bearing Manufactured at Excel
story mill bearing 640px 300x192 Large Mill Bearing Manufactured at Excel story mill bearing two bearings 640px 300x191 Large Mill Bearing Manufactured at Excel

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