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Passion Turns to Podcast for Sales Director

Isaac Bennett 214x300 Passion Turns to Podcast for Sales Director

Isaac Bennett
Global Sales Director

“As sure as God made green apples, someday the Chicago Cubs will be in the World Series….” Harry Carray’s infamous words came true this past year, as baseball fans witnessed history. After a 108 year drought, the Chicago Cubs became World Champions. As many Excel employees celebrated this big “W,” one in particular was highly involved with covering the event. Global Sales Director, Isaac Bennett, has been a Cubs fan for 29 years, and growing up he was a big fan of #23, second baseman, Ryne Sandberg. Isaac turned this passion into a well-received podcast, when he became involved with sports journalism.

In January 2015, when an existing Cubs podcast was left vacant, Isaac and his three co-hosts (Joel, Ryan and Carlos) reached out to the editor of Baseball Prospectus (BP) to express a desire to keep the podcast going. That first week of January the four recorded their first episode, and the rest is history. Each co-host lives in different areas of the state, and they primarily communicate through Google Hangouts. Nevertheless, each share the same passion, and as a result have established quite a following. Normally Isaac and his co-hosts have around 2,000 or more listeners, but while the Playoffs were occurring during October and November 2016, they were generating close to 4,000 listeners. They discuss anything and everything Cubs related; trade rumors, score recaps, necessary offseason acquisitions, etc. They have a dedicated following through Twitter, and they receive a lot of email interaction from fans of the show, which is fun for them.

He also mentioned that several media opportunities have opened up as a result of the podcast’s success. He has been a regular guest on the Boers & Bernstein radio show, which is broadcast to 39 states, Canada and Mexico. Isaac has also appeared on CLTV’s Sportstalk Live program. He comments, “It’s all about the camaraderie with my co-hosts, and with fans of our show that make this an enjoyable gig. It has been a lot of fun interacting with fans who are just as passionate about the Cubs as we are!” If you are interested in listening to episodes of the BP-Wrigleyville podcast, click here.

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