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Customers Have ‘Good Words’ to Say

Our mission is “To WOW our customers every day…in everything we do.” Customer Support is an integral part in making this mission a reality.

Our customer feedback in 2016 indicated that 88% of our customers are very satisfied with Excel. Excel received over 400 responses last year and 356 of those were positive. Many of these customers took a moment to provide a comment explaining their reasoning. According to Sales Support Analyst, Andrew Wallen, comments are typically just a simple praise of “how customers enjoy working with us.” So far, in 2017 we are at 93% positive out of a total of 93 ratings.

In January 2017, a more in-depth customer satisfaction survey was launched which provided an overall view of Excel – beyond that of Customer Support. We had 26 responses during our first quarter, and 77% of those who responded would “highly recommend us to others.” This survey generates a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction of an organization compared to others. It asks a simple question, “Would you recommend Excel to a friend or colleague?” Based on the indication of that likelihood, Excel’s NPS is currently a 77 (the average global benchmark is 40), which places us in the top 25% of this benchmark. 81% of our responders strongly agree that “The People at Excel are responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.”

Here are examples of comments customers have left:

story good words 640px Customers Have Good Words to Say

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