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“No Lost Time” Safety Streak Continues 

enews nlt 2016 520 300x300 No Lost Time Safety Streak Continues Excel recently celebrated 2016 as the safest year in company history – outperforming the previous year’s record – with only two (2) recordable accidents, and zero lost time. This marks six (6) straight years that Excel has recorded zero lost time injuries. According to Steve Stewart, Director of Human Resources, “Safety starts with people, and the care and passion they have for not only their own safety, but the safety of others.” This concept may be simple to understand but it is actually hard to implement if there is no buy-in from the employees. 

Excel’s commitment to creating a safe work environment has become a passion throughout. Jim Myers, Safety Manager, provides ample opportunities to promote safety awareness through weekly, educational “Safety Talks.” He also performs monthly safety audits on different departments to ensure our metrics are being reached. Excel’s commitment to safety may also be attributed to its leadership. Directors, managers, and team leaders are all aware of potential safety hazards and they all work together to implement ways to improve them. According to Jim, “Our employees practice being in ‘condition yellow.‘ This is a state of awareness where employees ask themselves ‘What is hazardous about my job situation, and how do I prevent an accident from happening?'” 

Excel’s safety program engages team members company-wide, where the ultimate goal is to create a work environment which contributes to an injury-free, high quality of life – both in and outside of work. Considering the type of work Excel’s employees perform, our world-class safety record is a testament to our culture. We have become proud of it and we plan to continue into the future. As Rod Bollinger, Chief Operating Officer states, “It makes my job easier knowing that our employees are committed to working in a safe environment.”

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