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Excel Garden in Full Bloom

story garden followup 640px Excel Garden in Full Bloom

The Excel Community Garden has been very productive in its first season, and has produced an abundance of vegetables, including sweet corn, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, banana peppers and zucchini. According to Keith Friedrich, “Everyone interested has been able to take a little of each item, which is great.” He added, “We were worried that we may not have grown enough, but it turns out that we may have grown a little bit too much!” Keith has been sending email notifications, informing Excel employees what is ready to be picked and distributed. Cuyler Thomas stated that one employee, in particular, asked him and Keith about learning how to garden!

Originally it was thought that water would be a challenge for the garden, but with about five inches of rain this summer, the garden has not been watered since the beginning of July. Also, thanks to a local farmer, the mulch was updated from recycled, shredded paper, to fresh-cut grass! With fall approaching, the gardeners plan to grow beets, turnips, lettuce and spinach leaves.

story garden followup 2 640px Excel Garden in Full Bloom

Cuyler commented, “The overall reaction, from employees who take advantage, has been very positive. On average, we have had about 10-12 employees who typically ask for specific vegetables.” Both Cuyler and Keith have been packaging the vegetables and delivering them to the employees who respond. All of the original employees involved (Cuyler, Keith, Jeff Kleiber, Jeremy Greer, and Jared Shay) still share the workload, and they look forward to seeing the garden continue to blossom. Their mission is to provide Excel employees with a variety of healthy foods at no expense. In case you missed it, here is the original story, published June 27, 2016.

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