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Excel’s Wide Path Undercarriage Proving Successful

story ph4100 uc collage 640px 300x268 Excels Wide Path Undercarriage Proving SuccessfulAfter several on-site visits and hundreds of design hours incurred, Excel Engineers have developed an innovative wide path undercarriage which provides extended life for the P&H 4100XPC Electric Rope Shovel. According to Design Engineers, Ryan Henry and Aaron Henry, “Customers were reporting low hour failures on their undercarriage and accelerated wear was occurring because there was too much pressure on the roll path.” In 2012, Design Engineers made two on-site visits to our customer in Arizona. They noticed that as the roll path of the 4100 wore, the pin eyes would begin to hit the frame of the undercarriage. The accelerated wear was the result of the narrow design being unable to endure the applied operating stress and pressures. After several measurements were taken and an audit was generated, it was evident that a new product development was in order, which would provide more machine hours and extend the life of the 4100’s undercarriage.

Development for the new Wide Path™ Undercarriage System began in late 2012 and it was successfully installed in November of 2013. Using CAD (computer aided design), various hand tools, portable CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machine), and their history with many different manufacturers and dozens of different undercarriage designs, design engineers were able to develop a new undercarriage that significantly extended undercarriage life. To achieve this, they widened the roll path of the tracks for the 4100. In addition, they widened the roll path of the rollers, the idler and added a roll path to the drive tumbler. They changed the idler from a standard mount to a straddle mount which added additional bushing life and ease of bushing replacement in the field. Adjustable collars on the idler were also included to maintain the correct end play throughout the life of the idler. The life of the bushings was extended by optimizing the bushing grooving. This new Wide Path design reduced and evenly applied the pressure to the roll paths of the 4100XPC, which increased the life of its rolling components. The OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) undercarriage provided between 15,000-18,000 machine hours. With Excel’s innovation of the new Wide Path undercarriage, the 4100 has incurred 19,000 machine hours, and is projected to hit 30,000. A second Wide Path undercarriage has since been produced, installed at another mine site, and has been running for one year.

story ph4100 uc improvement graphic 640px Excels Wide Path Undercarriage Proving Successful

Customer feedback from both of our customers has been positive. According to Technical Support Engineer, John Markello, “Both have mentioned the low maintenance they have with these undercarriages, as opposed to the OEM. They have also mentioned how impressed they are, not only with the product, but also with our routine service of sales and audits.” Global Sales Director, Chris Toews, added that “This customer has some more upcoming undercarriage needs and they would like to use Excel’sWide Path design because of our success in this initial unit for the P&H 4100.” Congratulations to Engineering on the successful development of this new innovation for Excel! It is apparent that the extended life and low maintenance of this undercarriage have proved to be, as Technical Support Director, Dave Eagan states, “big bonuses for our customers.”

Photos from the Field

story ph4100 uc 320px 1 Excels Wide Path Undercarriage Proving Successful story ph4100 uc 320px 2 Excels Wide Path Undercarriage Proving Successful
story ph4100 uc 320px 3 Excels Wide Path Undercarriage Proving Successful story ph4100 uc 320px 4 Excels Wide Path Undercarriage Proving Successful
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