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Excel Develops UltraNut™ & UltraBolt™

Jack Bolt Tensioning System for HP® Series, MP® Series and Gyratory Crushers

Excel engineers are always looking for ways to make life easier for mining professionals around the world. Our team has a passion for innovating that continually delivers better products with features far surpassing the conventional designs. The UltraNut™ and UltraBolt™ – our Jack Bolt Tensioning Series of specially designed locking nuts and locking bolts for cone & gyratory crushers – are great examples of this!

ultranut vs oem 300x178 Excel Develops UltraNut™ & UltraBolt™Excel engineers believe in the importance of being in the field with our customers. There is much to learn by listening to customer feedback, assessing conditions and special environments, and addressing special needs and requests. Recently, one of the wants we heard expressed called for a better locking nut arrangement to secure the mantle to the head assembly.

The original design required the use of a slug wrench to tighten the nut to a torch ring and manganese steel mantle. This tightening action forced the mantle downward, securing it to the concave seating surface on the head.

Removing a worn mantle requires even greater effort. The crushing action, over the life of the mantle, causes a self-tightening rotation of the mantle, torch ring and locking nut. This self-tightening action greatly increases the force between the threads of the locking nut and the head stub, making it virtually impossible to loosen the locking nut without cutting the torch ring. Cutting the torch ring is time consuming and can cause damage to the head if proper care is not maintained.

The Excel UltraNut™ Addresses Efficiency and Safety Concerns

  • The Excel UltraNut’s design makes it easier to loosen and remove the locking nut without cutting the torch ring.
  • The torch ring becomes a completely unnecessary consumable – saving operation time and reducing inventory.
  • Eliminates the physically demanding and potentially unsafe “slug wrench” method of removal.

Additionally, with the inherent safety concerns of flame cutting steel, one can see where the new Excel UltraNut offers significant advantages. The AR400 Steel Sleeve helps protect the locking nut from wear and aids in keeping dust out of the jack bolts and head nut threads during normal operations. Our engineers also added a Silicone Rubber Gasket to extend the life of the locking nut by protecting head threads from dust.

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Products in the Series

ultranut ultrabolt collage 640 300x224 Excel Develops UltraNut™ & UltraBolt™UltraNut™ for MP® Series

The Excel UltraNut™ was originally developed for the MP® Series cone crushers. Currently available for the MP800™, MP1000™, and MP1250™.

UltraBolt™ for HP® Series

Excel has also designed the UltraBolt, Jack Bolt Tensioning Locking Nut for HP® Series cone crushers. Utilizing the same jack bolt tensioning system as the UltraNut, the UltraBolt is an excellent choice for HP Series cone crushers in replacement of the conventional locking bolt design. Currently available for the HP500™, HP700™, and HP800™.

UltraNut™ for 60×89 Gyratory Crushers

Also new on the market is Excel’s design for the UltraNut for the 60×89 gyratory crusher. Talk to your Excel professional about this option and our plans for other sizes of gyratory-style crushers.

Note: Due to the unique design of the Excel UltraNut and UltraBolt, it is necessary to use specially designed feed plates offered by Excel Foundry & Machine.

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