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New Heat Treat Oven in the Bucket Shop

In February, Excel installed a new heat treat furnace. The new furnace will be used to heat treat our austenitic manganese steel products. In the “as-cast” condition, austenitic manganese steel lacks toughness due to the formation of brittle carbides along grain boundaries. Excel’s bushings are heated to 1880˚ F. The exposure to high temperatures dissolves the carbides, uniformly distributes carbon throughout the microstructure, and completely transforms the crystal structure to austenite. Rapid water quenching locks the carbon in place and prevents the reformation of brittle carbides. The high manganese content allows the crystal structure to remain austenitic at room temperature and below. The resulting bushing is extremely tough (fracture resistant) and work hardens readily during service to provide excellent wear resistance.

The new furnace has improved overall efficiency, quality, and boasts the following features:

  • Consistent temperatures: within 1% accuracy between front and back zones
  • Improved efficiency: gets to the required temperature in about half the time of the old furnace
  • Improved record-keeping: digitally records heat treatment capturing dates, time and temperature
  • Increased productivity: constant monitoring is no longer needed

According to Team Leader Brian Beecham “The new furnace offers more traceability on our products, improved quality and efficient time tracking.” We plan to continue monitoring and improving all of our processes—to continue delivering high-quality products to our customers.

story heat treat 1 New Heat Treat Oven in the Bucket Shop

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