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Eye-Opening Experiences in New Mexico

Earl Sanders, Gear Technician on 2nd shift, and a group from his church, The Valley Chapel in Green Valley, traveled to New Mexico to attend a week at Camp Broken Arrow Bible Ranch. Earl’s pastor, Nate Best, led the group that included the pastor’s wife and others from the congregation.

Camp Broken Arrow Bible Ranch is located 20 miles south of Gallup, in the rugged high country of New Mexico. The camp rests on an old 80-acre ranch, which is literally surrounded by a Navajo reservation. The camp’s mission is to minister to the Navaho children and other Native American tribes in Arizona and New Mexico. Earl’s church group was able to be part of the camp’s mission, and Earl’s Pastor held two services daily (morning and evening).

Earl said his main daily responsibility was to assist with activities. He and other members of their team coordinated floor hockey and he also worked at the “Snack Shack” in the mornings and afternoons, serving soft drinks and popcorn.

Earl was able to interact with the kids during their free-time and noticed that they really love to play basketball, and that many of them are very talented. While interacting with the kids playing basketball, he also heard them talking about their other interest, which is going to rodeos. He told a story about one of the young ladies who had asked to be excused from floor hockey because she had cracked her ribs when she was thrown from the bull she was riding.

Earl enjoyed going to the camp’s evening services, and he was especially impressed that the kids were glued to the preaching.. He said they had their Bibles opened and were taking notes. Earl commented, “I was a little skeptical at first that these kids would not be interested in the preaching, but I realized that like all young people today they are seeking the Truth. They want answers, and I’m glad I am I was able to be a part of this.” He further explained that the camp kids primarily live on the reservation. They want to go to camp because they want to get away from home. Many of them come from broken homes or homes with alcohol and drug abuse.

Earl wrapped up by saying, “This was definitely an eye-opening experience for me, and I plan to keep going to camp with my church group every two years.”

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