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Excel’s Amazing Safety Record

Considering the molten metals we pour, some of the huge castings we handle, and the large parts that we machine on a daily basis, you might be surprised that Excel has a fantastic safety record. We operate some of the safest facilities in the industry through a conscious effort in employee engagement, an active safety committee, and the focus of our full-time safety manager. “The safety of our people is the highest goal that we have,” according to Jim Myers, Safety Manager. As a matter of fact, our entire plant has not had a “lost time incident” in more than 4 years, with one department exceeding 13 years.

As you walk around our plant you will see many large banners proclaiming the “No Lost Time” record for each of the ten departments that we monitor. How do we continue to provide a safe environment?  We do this through intensive training and purchasing cutting-edge safety equipment. Employees receive weekly safety training on topics such as carbon monoxide, heat stress, and hand safety. “It is a tremendous comfort to know that our company is so committed to the personal safety of our employees and that our entire team is onboard”, stated Jim Batterton, Manufacturing Manager. 

Enews Foundry Safety Banner 300x246 Excel’s Amazing Safety Record

Dean R. Fox Foundry – 6 Years No Lost Time – 2014

This year alone, an innovative Rigid Lifeline Swing Arm Fall Protection System and Capture 5 Fume Extractor were installed. The Rigid Lifeline has a wide flange steel reinforced mast and a moveable swing arm. Workers attach the full body harness at the chest and legs. Shock absorbing lanyards connect the body harness to a trolley enclosed within rigid tracks on top. The swing arm and trolley follow the worker, staying right above their head as they work on a part. If the worker would happen to fall, the harness locks similar to a seat belt, keeping them safe.

EFM Rigid Life Line 300x200 Excel’s Amazing Safety Record

Rigid Life Line – Excel Foundry – 2015

The Capture 5 Fume Extractor has a moveable arm which pulls in welding fumes and smoke much like a vacuum. Once inside, the air is filtered removing 95% of toxins. The clean, filtered air is then pushed back out. The negative pressure of pushing the clean air out creates a five-feet deep and four-feet wide capture zone. This is much larger than the 18 inch capture zone generated by conventional fume extractors. It improves the air quality for not only the welder, but nearby workers.

Recently, our corporate safety management from Denmark was in Pekin for a safety review. They found our clean facilities and commitment to providing a safe, clean work environment to be very impressive.

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