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Maintaining Customer Relationships

Every relationship, whether it is personal or professional, is not without its share of ups and downs. Even under the best intentions, shipments arrive late, packaging issues arise, and machine parts fail. Though instances of customer dissatisfaction with Excel’s products or services are rare, in a physical world with so many variables, they do occur.

Instead of viewing negative feedback as a complaint, we see it as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our customers. In fact, we strive to ensure almost immediate resolution through the following four-step review process.

  1. Assessment: A cross-sectional team from Quality, Sales, and Operations meets weekly on Thursday mornings to review all customer feedback. This team includes Quality Engineer Raye Blanquart, Director of Quality Dan Wegner, Sales Project Coordinator Matt Burns, and Chief Operating Officer Rod Bollinger, as well as key support staff.
  2. Contact: An Excel representative promptly follows up with a personal phone call to resolve the situation.
  3. Investigation: Further investigation is implemented if necessary. For example, comprehensive testing may be needed for a parts performance issue.
  4. Reconciliation: If applicable, a replacement part is then shipped or a credit is issued to the customer’s account.

Excel takes any level of customer dissatisfaction seriously. While occasional issues are expected, our dedication to resolving the issue in a timely manner sets us apart.

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