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Custom Packing Methods for Red Brass

Continual improvement is the goal of every department at Excel. We take great pride in the quality of our products and the careful consideration that goes into how our customers will receive them. Therefore, when Excel noticed that some our “red brass” products were not being delivered in the same condition they shipped in, swift action was taken to further improve the packaging process and increase our control of various shipping environments.

Excel discovered that after a period of time, some products made from red brass would develop some small areas of oxidation in the crate before being used by the customer. This delivered result was completely unacceptable. Therefore, Excel’s Warehouse Team started applying a light oil before packaging, but this was not a permanent solution. The team went through an extensive testing phase to find the source of this problem. The tests led to a new action plan to keep all contaminants, like coolant, wiped off of all products at each stage of manufacturing. More testing will be done to continue to monitor the process.

Today, a special cleaner/protective solution is used in addition to sealing each piece in clear plastic before final packaging. Warehouse Manager Mike Sammis says, “our customers can always see that we strive to improve our processes to ensure that our products are always delivered at the best possible quality.”

redbrass 01 Custom Packing Methods for Red Brass

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