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Service Starts With Culture

“It’s all about the people,” says Director of Human Resources, Steve Stewart.

Excel Foundry & Machine knows that a positive, people-focused culture is one of the most important foundations of our company. Our “culture” is mainly defined by an intense desire to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations and needs with each stage of business. At the beginning of the relationship and throughout, customers are encouraged to take advantage of our experience and design knowledge that we have gained over the last 85 years.

Excel fosters a work environment where people naturally love to work and better yet, don’t want to work anywhere else. The pillars of our company have passed this sentiment to all employees since Excel’s beginning and the mindset has never wavered. Some of the most important aspects are employee recognition, business transparency, and employee relationship building. “We go out of our way to make sure our managerial practices, visions, values, and work ethic are positive to building a strong culture,” Stewart continues.

These cultural facets are recognized daily, in everything we do, but there are two days a year that they especially stand out. For more than a decade, Excel has been staging biannual, company-wide meetings designed specifically for team-building, communication, and recognition. Centered around a company-wide luncheon, the Excel executive team and President & CEO, Doug Parsons, take the opportunity to give a company address on our current status, future goals and areas of improvement, key projects that specific employees are working on, and employees are recognized for milestone service anniversaries. That last part is key. Each employee with 5, 10, 15 and 20 years are personally recognized, but employees who have reached 25 years and up receive a custom-made testimonial video with stories and recognition from their peers. As the most popular part of the meetings, employees wait patiently in anticipation of the personal, fun, and meaningful videos. Ultimately, the videos bring employees together and instill a sense of pride in the the job they are doing, and the people they work with.

This is just one of many programs designed to reinforce and support Excel culture. An internal company website is updated daily with employee human interest stories to help everyone get to know each other, “shout-outs” that recognize above and beyond behavior, and revolving slideshows of employee-sponsored events like golf outings, company baseball games, bass fishing tournaments, and “life around Excel” in general. Training and leadership programs are also in place as we invest in the full potential of all employees.

At Excel we intentionally mold our workplace into somewhere employees want to be through relationships and positive reinforcement. Over 85 years of culture has positioned Excel to truly be able to “WOW” our customers through the behaviors and attitudes of our employees.

If you want to know more about our unique culture and the emphasis we put on people, please contact our Director of Human Resources, Steve Stewart (SteveS@ExcelFoundry.com).

2014 Summer Biannual Meeting

EFM Eblast Culture Filmstrips2 Service Starts With Culture








2014 Annual Golf Outing

EFM Eblast Culture Filmstrips4 Service Starts With Culture








2014 Annual Bass Fishing Tournament

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2014 Annual Peoria Chiefs Baseball Night

EFM Eblast Culture Filmstrips Service Starts With Culture

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