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Excel Expertise – MP800™ Mantle Seating Issues

When questions of wear and failure come through the pipeline, Excel employees are quick to help our customers by providing the most accurate and understandable information.

Q: Recently, a customer contacted our Engineering Department about a seating issue on an MP800™ mantle and head. What’s causing the problem?

A: The problem stems from not having consistent mantle contact around the head in the seating area. But the underlying issue may be varied, including:

-The seating surface may be distorted during machining of the manganese casting if the casting is ‘too green,’ or in other words, if the casting continues to relieve stress while being machined.

-Uneven wear or damage to the seating surface of the head may occur when a liner comes loose during operation. This wear may cause the mantle to sit unevenly with the head.

-A third (and common) problem occurs when the seating angle on the head does not match the corresponding seating angle on the mantle. Problems arise if these two aren’t seated flush and the top of the mantle is against the top of the head. This situation can place a great deal of force on the bottom of the mantle and lead to failure. When this happens, the backing compound can flow into the gap between the mantle and head.

Note: The angle on the seating surface should be the same as the angle at the top of the head (above the groove). While this area may be plunged or the angle altered slightly to allow for cosmetic clean-up of casting defects, note that the more stock removed, the more backing compound is needed.

– Ken Olson, Excel Service Manager

Ken Olson200 Excel Expertise   MP800™ Mantle Seating Issues

With over 30 years of experience in the mining industry and a degree in mining engineering, Ken Olson is a leader in the field. He helped develop the Raptor Cone Crusher line after joining Excel Crusher Technologies in 2004, and after joining Excel Foundry and Machine in 2012, he has been using his vast experience to greatly help the Excel team ever since.

Excel provides premium aftermarket components for more than a dozen different OEM brands. At Excel, we believe in delivering our distributors and customers quality products along with providing the very best in service and experience from industry experts.


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