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Excel Expertise – HP200™ Counterweight Assembly Wear Issues

Q: How do you know if the counterweight assembly is worn and needs to be replaced on the HP200?

A: This is a common question with a bit of a tricky answer(s).

While in reality, there actually are no ‘wear’ measurements for any type of cone crusher counterweight, customers may see wear past the counterweight guard and in the steel structure. This type of deterioration is generally located low and into the Lower T-Seal mounting groove. However, because this type of wear is circumferential, it usually does not affect the balance of the counterweight. If the T-Seal still can be mounted and the protective outer skirt is still functioning, the counterweight is still in running condition.

Wear in the counterweight assembly also is suspected quite often because of an unstable or unbalanced crusher. This condition, however, typically is caused by fine rock product entering the foam insulation-filled voids on the non-heavy side of the counterweight. To determine whether this is the cause, can be determined only by removing the counterweight guard, cleaning, and replacing the foam as needed. Occasionally, counterweights of smaller crushers are worn into the lead pockets, and the removal of the lead causes an unbalanced condition in the crusher (this type of wear will generally be quite obvious).

– Ken Olson, Excel Service Manager

Ken Olson200 Excel Expertise   HP200™ Counterweight Assembly Wear Issues

With over 30 years of experience in the mining industry and a degree in mining engineering, Ken Olson is a leader in the field. In 2004, Ken joined Excel Crusher Technologies where he helped develop the Raptor Cone Crusher line. Ken joined Excel Foundry and Machine in 2012 as Excel’s Service manager and has been using his vast experience to greatly help his team ever since.


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