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Bill to Keep Vocational Teachers Becomes Law

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law recently changing the teaching requirements for vocational teachers which will help many keep their jobs. Co-sponsored by Illinois State Representative Mike Unes, HB 1868 will allow vocational teachers to continue teaching with a provisional vocational certificate/temporary provisional certificate. Without this law, Illinois vocational teachers would have lost their jobs on July 1st and been required to earn a degree to continue teaching.

As a member of the Focus Forward Central Illinois Economic Development Committee, Representative Unes has been working hard to increase job creation and retention in Central Illinois. This new law will certainly do this. What’s more, outside of saving many jobs, this law will allow professionals with first hand knowledge about high-tech manufacturing to continue to pass down the know-how and skills they have earned through years of experience. Being able to keep these veterans in our schools will help to close the skills gap and build in students what they need to begin a successful career in a manufacturing position.

When HB 1868 became a law, Peoria news station WMBD came to Excel to understand exactly how this momentous change will impact local manufacturers. Click on the link below to watch their broadcast highlighting Steve Stewart, Director of Human Resources, and Dallas Phillips, a young machinist who began working at Excel immediately after graduating High School in the Spring of 2013.

EFM WMBD Young Workers Interview 1 Bill to Keep Vocational Teachers Becomes Law

EFM WMBD Young Workers Interview 3 Bill to Keep Vocational Teachers Becomes Law

EFM WMBD Bill to Keep Vocational Teachers Becomes Law

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