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New Processing Center Introduced

When you walk through our Main Shop, it’s easy to notice that many departments have moved their operations. The Processing Center is the new home of the warehouse, parts prep, paint, shipping and logistics teams, plus it is the hub for all incoming and outbound shipments. Many Excel team members contributed ideas in the design and planning phases, making this an excellent example of smart, collaborative design. At our recent Biannual Meeting, Dave Eagan (Vice President of Manufacturing) highlighted some key design aspects of the new, approximately 123,000 square foot facility.

Most of the incoming product arrives through three receiving docks. Products leave Excel through four main outbound docks, or via the truck lane. This specialized drive-through truck lane allows full-size semi trucks to pull onto the main floor of the center for loading/unloading in flatbed and open-top containers. Trucks then can continue forward and conveniently exit the facility. The capability to load and unload large and heavy product in this manner greatly increases safety, efficiency, and handling time.

Products requiring critical assembly will pass through a brand new clean assembly room and a new, large work space is dedicated to staging, handling, and even inspection of large components. Painted components will now flow through a state-of-the-art wash, paint and bake system that will greatly improve efficiency, speed, quality and handling. To assist with the flow of product, a 20-ton and a 75-ton overhead crane provide the capacity needed for our largest assemblies and are capable of running the length of the building. 40,000 square feet of warehousing space is also part of the new facility.

Using the processing center as the traffic hub created the need for additional office space. The center features several individual offices and cubicle-based work spaces that facilitate inter-departmental communication and a streamlined workflow. The office space also includes a locker room, break room, and a new conference room.

The processing center marks a huge milestone for Excel, as it increases our capacity and puts us in a great position for growth in the coming years.

nf processing center flowchart New Processing Center Introduced

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