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New Wenzel CMM in Inspection

The incoming inspection department received a new machine a few months ago. The new Wenzel CMM machine was calibrated on June 1st and has since been proving its worth. Before the new Wenzel CMM machine came online, it was tough for incoming inspection to keep up with the products coming through their door. With the five-year old, refurbished DEA machine, brothers Bill and Chuck Hudnall were inspecting everything from large shafts and sockets to small pillow blocks. Many times, the work load was too much for the single machine and it took overtime to keep up with the queue. The new Wenzel machine can now inspect numerous small parts, like pillow blocks for hydraulic shovel rollers, freeing the DEA for the larger items. All in all, this saves time and allows the inspectors, like the Hudnall brothers and trainees Brett Anderson and Jason Swoik, to keep up with demanding amount of parts to be inspected. The benefits, however, go deeper than that.

Along with helping keep up with demand, the CMMs offer a much higher level of quality related detection. Judged on a case-to-case basis, the machines can pin-point a measurement as small as 1/10 the size of a human hair. What’s more, the report generated is automatically saved online with product and run information allowing Excel to pull all records of inspections. With Excel backing its products with the F3 guarantee (Fit, Form and Function), this is an invaluable tool. The Wenzel increases productivity and aids in maximizing the quality of Excel’s parts. These benefits contribute to the environment, culture and customer satisfaction that Excel works so hard to maintain.

Wenzel1 300T New Wenzel CMM in Inspection Wenzel2 300 New Wenzel CMM in Inspection
Wenzel3 300 New Wenzel CMM in Inspection
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